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Website, Web apps pricing

Website pricing is dependent on the size of the project. Factors as: 


Complexity | Graphics | Content Management system | Bandwidth needed 


Hourly rate for custom websites: $60


Basic website package: $600 

Package includes:

- Website template and five pages.

- HTML5 (current Web standards)

- Reponsive design (depending on customer needs)

- * Smartphone and tablet optimized version of site for: Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows tablets/phones


Monthly hosting and domain registration cost depends on third party host used and server/bandwidth needs. Expect to spend between $4 and $30 per month.


Sample customer website: Law Offices of Nancy Kemner, P.A.



* Additional coding/graphic features for mobile/tablets such as "Pin to Start" for Windows tablets, homescreen icons, etc. - if requested - will be based on the $60 hourly rate.

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